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Financing & Specials

Brady Starburst Company offers attractive finance and lease alternatives that can be tailored to fit your needs. We offer finance programs that will allow you to utilize the power of equipment financing to maximize your cash flow and help grow your business. Please see some of our current promotional specials below.

What's New

New Pirates Hook w/ Tkt Disp

Real Reel Fishing Action - One of a kind fishing reel mechanism...feels like real fishing!
  • Fast-paced gameplay with skill and timing
  • Unique rotating reel handles with multiple tension settings. Pull harder for BIG FISH!
  • The bigger the fish, the higher the score. Catch the lobster, win the treasure!
  • 2 player video fishing game
  • Striking multi-color changing LED lights
  • 42" LCD monitor

  • How to play:
  • Insert coin(s) to start
  • Press the button "Lower Hook" to lower the hook.
  • Rotate the handle to reel in fish
  • Catch as many fish as possible within the time limit. Junk Items= No Tickets.
  • The bigger the fish, the higher the score
  • Catch the Lobster King to win the MEGA BONUS!
  • New Black Out Merchandiser

    A New Breed of Prize Merchandiser
    By integrating transparent screen technology with multi-touch technology, we have bridge the gap between true video game entertainment and the Prize Merchandiser category.

    Blackout is the second of Adrenaline genuine development: from software to hardware we did cover all angles. After assessing the player interest on our last few iPhone app based products, we decided to develop an IP of our own. A game dedicated to provide the player with all its beloved game play parameters. Easty to understand, fun, quick and colorful, Blackout will challenge your skills and hopefully make you a winner; if not you will sure walk away with a smile.

    The cabinet has an optional footprint, and match the industry standard when it comes to security. Showcasing your very own mix of 12 minor and/or major prizes, it is a true skill based product. One with all the fine-tuning capacity an operator could wish for a profitable midway.

    A simple gameplay
    The players have five tries to flick the Googabonga at the darkened sun. Cover the sun's surface and you just made yourself a winner!

    • Managed skill game
    • 12 customizable prize spindles
    • Ability to hang multiple prizes on each spindle
    • Minor and Major prize levels
    • Very bright and attractive cabinet
    • Fully locking front door to ensure security
    • Bill acceptor ready
    Dimension: 30"L x 32"W x 80"H
    Weight: 450 lbs

    New Milk Jug Toss w/Tkt Disp

    The all time carnival hit is now a redemption game. Players skillfully toss the balls into the milk jug or surrounding holes to win tickets. The interactive "Carn" voice heckles and entertains players, while they shoot for the Super Bonus by getting all the balls in the jug. Life-like carnival top, LED lit playfield, and optional Bonus marquee make this classic midway game an anchor piece for any locations skill wall.

    New Balloon Buster Merchandiser

    Bust a balloon to win! Players try to pop balloons with hanging prizes in this fun mechanical prize vendor.

  • Pop balloons to win hanging prizes!
  • Exciting Carnival themed graphics and voice announcer.
  • Quick game play with 5 prize options.
  • Win every time option (tickets or ball dispenser).
  • Easy to play with simple joystick & button control.
  • Secure prize mechanism ensures prize delivery only in the event of a winning play.
  • Durable steel and tempered glass cabinet.
  • Vibrant LED lights.
  • Coin, note acceptor, or swipe card ready.

  • Specifications
    34" W (87 cm) x 37"D (93 cm) x 86"H (219 cm)
    Height without header: 79" (200 cm)
    Weight: 452 lbs (205 kg)